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Not far from the altar, a hexagram array was formed. There are only four of the six Elders of the Ice Kingdom left, but there are only a few of the hundreds of adherents assembled. The two positions on the hexagram were already empty, and the remaining four elders were guarding the four corners, waving the instruments in their hands, flying black robes, spitting out uninterrupted incantations from their old lips, accompanied by sharp and changeable gestures-metal, wood, fire and earth. The four forces between the hexagram were skillfully manipulated by them, killing the survivors who were trapped in battle. The bloody road leading to the altar had lasted for hundreds of feet, but seeing that the altar sealing the God of Destruction was just a short distance away, the adherents had no spare power, but were forced to retreat to the middle by the attacks of the four elders and the soldiers of the Ice Kingdom, and had begun to be unable to cope with those attacks. But as soon as Xuanfeng, a young man in black, joined in, he suddenly refreshed the dying adherents. Stop it! When the two sides started a new round of fierce fighting again, suddenly the golden light rolled up like a storm, and people could not open their eyes on the ice and snow. The two forces that were just about to come into contact bounced off in the opposite direction at the same time, hitting their respective protective walls heavily, causing the elders of the Ice Kingdom and the adherents of the Six Kingdoms to stagger back. Senior! Xuan Feng turned his head and saw that it was Huai Ren who shot him. His eyes lit up and he turned his head and shouted eagerly to the remaining kindred, "Do you know who he is?"? He is Huai Ren! Fifty years ago,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, Huai Ren, the hero who went to the Heavenly Palace alone! He's back! Come back and kill those ice people with us! "Huai Ren?" Seeing the golden swordsman break through the ice like a God, the adherents murmured the name that had been remembered for decades, and whispered in shock, almost in disbelief, "Huai Ren is still alive?" "It's really Huai Ren!" Suddenly, an old voice shouted, "It's Huai Ren!" One of the adherents, an old woman with crane hair and a childlike face,cosmetic packaging wholesale, rushed out of the crowd with an exclamation of surprise. Because of extreme shock and joy, the white-haired old woman, who had ignored the fact that there were still people in the ice country around her, rushed three feet in front of Huai Ren. She hesitated and stopped, staring at the once familiar face: "Teacher.." Senior fellow apprentice "Mei you." Looking at the old face in front of him, there was a deep sigh in his golden eyes-fifty years ago, the younger martial sister, who was only sixteen or seventeen years old at that time, is now so old. The satin skin is wrinkled, the ruddy lips are withered, and the golden eyes are confused-the power of time is so powerful and merciless that it takes away all the beautiful and fragile things. The weather-beaten old woman's face could not remind him of the beauty and charm of his younger sister. At that moment, what he thought of from the bottom of his heart was the eyes of God-pure black, deep, like the same night sky, no matter when and where he looked up, it was so beautiful. He finally understood why Yufeng wanted to keep God at all costs-after having everything, Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale ,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, the most terrible thing was to be alone in the boundless emptiness. However, the emperor thought that by keeping the gods, he could seize eternity. Too bad he was wrong. Looking at it carefully, surprised at the face of time stagnation in front of her, the female sword saint murmured in surprise: "Elder Martial Brother, you.." You Why is it still. It's God! It was God who froze time for his predecessors! In a shock, only Xuanfeng's excited voice kept ringing, explaining, "The Creator is on our side!"! God gave the hero incomparable strength, let him come back to us, said, the ice country should perish, Huai Ren will become the new emperor! "Will be the new emperor." In that case, it was more thrilling than the snowstorm. The wind spread among the adherents, and everyone's eyes were filled with excitement, looking at the golden swordsman who came through the snow. Huai Ren! The four elders apparently recognized the swordsman who was supposed to serve the gods in the Heavenly Palace. They also saw at a glance the power he now had and looked at each other in panic. If Huai Ren could leave the Heavenly Palace, the only possibility was that the gods allowed him to leave. God, who has been worshipped by their ice country for three hundred years, has changed his mind! All of you, back off.
"Huai Ren's eyes slowly passed over the people of all countries present, and finally fell on the frozen altar ten feet away, where, at the center of the hexagram altar, the seal made by Emperor Yufeng himself three hundred years ago gave out a faint golden light." Senior, go to release the God of destruction! Xuanfeng took the adherents to stop the elder of Bingguo and shouted, with an eager light in his eyes, "Leave it to us!" Huai Ren, are you crazy? Stop it! The Fire Elder shouted at the top of his voice, trying to stop the swordsman who accompanied the God. "Are you going to destroy this cloud wasteland?" However, in the midst of a cacophony of swords, the golden swordsman stepped up to the altar and gently pressed his hand on the golden notch in the center of the hexagram. There, the handprint left three hundred years ago still exists-it is the handprint of Emperor Yufeng, who concentrated the power of the world and set up a boundary to seal the God of destruction. Huai Ren gently pressed his hand on the handprint, exactly. Come to think of it, the Creator God has been waiting for so many years, in order to wait for him to return to the Heavenly Palace after reincarnation to find the God, so that he can use his hand to release the twin brothers. Between heaven and earth, the only thing that is equal to God and that God cares about is the twin God of destruction. God, everything will be as you wish. The swordsman lowered his eyes and whispered, suddenly exerting his strength. The seal that could imprison the God of destruction was easily shattered under his hands, and the golden light suddenly spread out, enveloping the empty snow mountain-at that moment, the door of the underground palace suddenly cracked, revealing a dark gap. There was a fierce interlaced expression in Huai Ren's golden eyes, looking at the darkness that seemed to devour everything. The God of destruction was imprisoned in this underground palace for three hundred years? Now, I don't know what this God and demon, who can destroy everything with one hand, has become. He looked back at the chaos of the war behind him-both the ice people and the adherents, and saw that he had cracked the indestructible seal, and all of them were stunned for a moment. A faint smile flashed through his golden eyes, and the swordsman suddenly opened his mouth: "Actually, the God of Destruction is not here.." The real right hand of the devil is in the killing crowd,oil dropper bottle, in the hearts of people. Everyone, including Xuan Feng, was stunned and did not know how to answer. penghuangbottle.com