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At this time, Chen Hsin had no choice but to take the risk of carrying the condensed breath to the palm of his hand. As soon as the brilliance of the two palms flooded, the two pieces of brilliance were firmly lifted. The momentum of the two pieces of brilliance was blocked, and they scattered in Chen Hsin's palm. They exploded in all directions, only to hear a bang and a burst of air billowing. At this time, Shu Hong, Xu Lifu, Fang Jingfen, and other talented people came and screamed. Seeing that Chen Hsin's hair was somewhat Shaking his head seems to be nothing. Li Lijing scolded, "Huang Ji, are you crazy?" But Xu Lifu had already rushed over, held Chen Xin's hands, spread out and looked at them carefully for a moment. Then she breathed a sigh of relief and looked up at Chen Xin. Chen Xin smiled and nodded and said, "Thank you, I'm all right.." Xu Lifu held Chen Xin's hand, four eyes under a pair, two hands trembled at the same time, a long-lost feeling in this moment came to mind, two people suddenly can not speak, at this time the crowd rushed up, while asking Chen Xin if anything happened, while beginning to blame Huang Ji's recklessness, Xu Lifu this is a little flustered to let go of Chen Xin's hand, flashed aside. And Chen Xin's heart suddenly stirred up,plastic pallet crates, but he had already decided to wait until he returned to the earth when there was nothing else to do, and then think about emotional problems, did not expect that today suddenly there was a feeling that he could not hold on. Chen Xin hurriedly shook his head to come to his senses, but heard Huang Jizheng's aggrieved explanation: "I think Chen Xin should have no problem." Or you should get out of the way. "How to flash?" Li Lijing is still reading: "Let you make a big hole in the roof?" At this time, no one seemed to be in charge of the roof of the cabin, which should not be called the roof, and naturally echoed. Instead, Chen Xin smoothed things over and said, "It's all right." Huang Ji's kungfu is not bad. It should be the evolution of the celestial bird's body method. As soon as Chen Xin looked at Huang Ji's way of exerting his strength,plastic pallet suppliers, he knew that this kungfu was because Huang Ji had practiced the celestial bird body method for decades, and had long been accustomed to using part of his inner breath on his limbs, but did not send it out to increase his speed. This time, he especially carried a large amount of inner breath to his palm, and when it was gradually unable to store it, he threw it out together, so it would be displayed in this form. Seeing that Chen Xin did not blame himself, Huang Ji said happily, "Is it useful?" "Of course it works." Because Chen Xin had also practiced the celestial bird body method, he thought about it and said, "If you can change the strength from reserved to released at the moment before throwing it out, the attack effect should be even greater.." The other is to often practice the relevant meridians, the preparation time will be reduced, if coupled with bending skills, more control of the direction, the enemy will be more difficult to dodge. With Chen Xin's present vision, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic bulk containers, he can naturally hit the key point. Huang Ji suddenly woke up, nodded and stretched his palms again. Chen Xin hurriedly said: "But don't try again.." It's too dangerous. Huang Ji smiled awkwardly and said, "I know." Are there any shortcomings? "If you say shortcomings." Chen Xin thought about it and said, "It's almost the same as mine. It's easy to release and difficult to collect. Also, this way can't be weakened, but can only be strengthened." "Weakening to do what?" "Isn't it better to be stronger?" Rykov said doubtfully? Huang Ji eldest brother is really not simple, thought of this move at once. What is this move called? "This move." Huang Ji is stupefied, the nod of big thorn thorn says: "This calls." Laser chop, isn't it awesome? "Chop the chicken light?" No one knew the words that Rekov had thought of. He shook his head and turned to say, "Changfeng, what about your trick?" Lian Changfeng had just seen Xu Lifu and Chen Xin looking at each other and was in a daze. When he heard Rykov ask, he came to his senses and said, "This is the kungfu handed down from the temple. It was called Qi Jian hundreds of years ago. There is no special name." "It's not fun." Lei Ke shook his head and said, "I'll give you a name …" Well, how about Lieyang Jian? "No, no." Huang Ji said, "His father practiced Zhaocheng's Qi Jian, which is not bright. It is not suitable to call it Lieyang Jian." Lian Changfeng's Qi Jian is particularly bright, which is naturally related to its own light quality. Li Lijing retorted, "Isn't your laser chop the same?"? A person who is not photogenic may not shine.
What does it matter if Changfeng's Qi Jian is called Lieyang Jian? This is also reasonable, Huang Ji a stunned, touch the nose is not good to say again, lest the name that oneself take also was abolished, then turn to Chen Xin to ask: "Chen Xin, where is yours?" "Me?" Chen Xin shook his head and said, "I haven't thought about it." "I know, you have two moves, one is pushed by the palm, the other is pushed by the finger." How many? Huang Ji said excitedly. I practiced four fingers. "It should be enough," said Chen Xin. "Good.." Huang Ji said, "We have all seen the power of the palm.." How about Dragon Palm and Dragon Finger? Huang Ji thought that Chen Xin's palm was hit out at that time, and the two rays of light were like dragons rushing forward. The strength of his fingers should be quite similar to his, so he simply named them together. How about Dragon Flame Palm? Unwilling to be lonely, Rykov stepped in. Not to be outdone, Huang Ji saw that the name he had received seemed to have been outdone. "Then just call it Tenglong Flame Invincible Palm." Seeing this, Rykov said, "That's still called.." Chen Xin hurriedly interrupted two people's naming cause, shook his hand and said: "Don't be so complicated." The Dragon Palm is all right. "So?" Huang Ji said with a little pity: "My kung fu is called invincible laser chop." The Rykov nodded and said, "Keep the flame for my own use …" Chen Xin no longer paid attention to the two mumbling stooges and said to the crowd, "Well, if there are still people who need to be tested, I can help." "It's too dangerous." Xu Lifu couldn't help objecting. It should be all right. Chen Xin was confident that he could not hurt himself, but he was afraid of accidentally damaging the instrument, so he said, "Next time I want to try it, I will try it in the outer hall of my room, where it is safer." In fact, the design of Zhuo Neng also has shortcomings, in order to make people live comfortably, the equipment of the room is quite complete, so it occupies a large space, but there is no hall, only Chen Xin's room is not small. After hearing this,collapsible bulk containers, Lian Changfeng turned to Song Ting and said, "Song Ting, the kungfu you practiced in the Holy Island is of the same origin as mine. You should also be able to practice the Qi Sword." 。 binpallet.com